Draymond Green reveals inspirational message that’s helping unlock Jonathan Kuminga

The Golden State Warriors, with a record of 20-24, face a challenging road ahead in the regular season and will need to rely on their younger players like Jonathan Kuminga to maintain the momentum required for a playoff push.

On Tuesday night at the Chase Center, the 21-year-old forward delivered an impressive performance with 26 points, seven rebounds, three steals, and one block in 39 minutes. This marks his seventh consecutive game scoring 20 or more points, contributing significantly as the Warriors secured a 119-107 victory over the injury-affected 76ers. Only the remarkable Stephen Curry surpassed him with 37 points on 12-of-17 shooting.

Draymond Green, serving as a mentor to Kuminga, consistently motivates the third-year player by telling him, “There’s nobody in the world that can stop you.” Green emphasized the importance of believing in this statement, encouraging Kuminga to go out and demonstrate that no one can impede his progress.

Kuminga’s confidence shone brightly against Philly, evident in the series of powerful dunks he executed during the game. His athleticism sparked optimism among fans, anticipating a breakthrough. Their patience has paid off, affirming the Warriors’ faith in selecting him with a top-10 draft pick.

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While Jonathan Kuminga is in the developmental phase, he has already established himself as a crucial member of the team. The Warriors might face challenges making it to the playoffs or NBA Play-In Tournament this year, potentially prompting significant offseason changes. However, there’s optimism that they can regroup and build a promising future.





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