Warriors’ Steve Kerr reveals new lineup plan after loss to Lakers

The Golden State Warriors have had a lot of difficulty this season settling on a starting lineup. They experimented with a different starting lineup last night against the Los Angeles Lakers, and it appears they will do it again.

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Warriors, said that he will keep Draymond Green at center with Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga following the team’s devastating loss to the Los Angeles Lakers last night. He said that it gave the Warriors greater defensive capability and that the league’s recent history of high scoring made it necessary.

The Golden State Warriors are running out of time to make adjustments as the season is a little over halfway through. Regardless of the lineups the Warriors choose to use, it seems like they always manage to blow leads late in the game, which ultimately proves to be fatal. They failed to score for a significant chunk of the fourth quarter against the Lakers last night, which ultimately forced overtime. Whichever starting combinations this team chooses, they simply need to improve their ability to end games.

With three games remaining, the Golden State Warriors are now without a play-in position with a record of 19–24. All this team truly needs to do to have any genuine life left in it is to manage to put together three or four consecutive victories.






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