Draymond Green openly discusses the Warriors’ decision to trade him and Klay Thompson.

Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, following their 2022 title triumph, now hold the record for the most NBA Finals wins among successful trios, surpassing the renowned Spurs trio of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili with their 19 victories. Additionally, the Golden State trio ranks third in the list of most NBA playoff victories, trailing the Spurs and the Lakers’ trios with a total of 98 wins over the last decade or so.

The Warriors’ playoff win total might fall just short of 100. NBA insider Shams Charania reports that the team is open to trading everyone except Stephen Curry, raising the potential scenario where Thompson, Green, or both could play in an NBA game without Curry on the roster. On “The Draymond Green Show,” Green acknowledged the possibility of breaking up the Big 3, recognizing GM Mike Dunleavy Jr.’s justification for exploring trades given Golden State’s 18-22 record.

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“If that [trade] ever came to fruition, you deal with that, you cross that bridge when you get there,” Green said. “It’s not really something that I worry about … I mean, if you’re 18-22, how can you question anything someone does? We’ve had the opportunity to get out there and play, and prove ourselves as a team.”

Green acknowledged that the Warriors, during their dynastic run, have been among the least active teams at the February trade deadline. Consequently, he has never been seriously involved in trade rumors, unlike many players on other teams who frequently find themselves in such speculations.

“We’ve never really been an active team at the trade deadline. However, we also have a new GM, and Mike has been incredible. He could be different to Bob [Myers], he could be more aggressive at the trade deadline. I don’t know, I don’t really have a feel for it. Would be I shocked if some trades happen? No – we are 18 and 22, and if I’m not mistaken, with the highest payroll in the league.”

The Warriors currently rank 25th in defensive rating, 13th in offensive rating, and 20th in net rating, a combination that typically aligns with teams in the lottery. Achieving a play-in spot or playoff berth seems challenging for the Steve Kerr-led team unless they make a significant turnaround in the second half of the season.





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