The Return of Draymond Green Won’t Fix the Warriors

The current situation of the Golden State Warriors was vividly reflected on Stephen Curry’s face after his team’s 133-118 loss to the Toronto Raptors. Twenty minutes post-game, still in his full uniform, Curry sat in front of his locker, hand on head, visibly stunned, scrolling through tweets detailing the significant challenges the team has faced this season.

Chris Paul, the stabilizing force and key secondary creator for the team, is sidelined after hand surgery. Klay Thompson, a reliable second scorer, is struggling with his shooting, while Andrew Wiggins, once a cornerstone, appears to be in decline. Jonathan Kuminga is discontented with his playing time, and Draymond Green, the team’s influential figure, faced suspensions for on-court incidents.

Amidst these challenges, the Warriors have lost seven of their last 11 games, slipping to 12th place in the Western Conference. Stephen Curry hinted at the need for changes after a demoralizing loss, emphasizing the team’s desire for different results.

As Draymond Green returns from suspension, there’s optimism about his ability to bring stability to the struggling team. However, with a crucial trade deadline approaching, uncertainty lingers about whether Green’s return is sufficient or if a more significant overhaul is necessary. The Warriors hope Green can inject passion, confidence, and swagger into a locker room in need of revitalization.

Draymond Green’s return to the court is crucial for leading a struggling defensive unit, which posted a second-worst leaguewide defensive rating of 123.8 during his absence. The Warriors are counting on the 33-year-old to maintain his passionate spirit while avoiding the reckless actions that have marked his season.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr emphasizes that it feels like Green has been put on notice by the league and the team, recognizing the need to find a balance and avoid incidents that could lead to trouble.

Green, acknowledging the importance of curbing his on-court antics, expressed confidence in his ability to do so, emphasizing that his focus is on removing disruptive behavior while maintaining his effective style of play and professionalism on the basketball court.

Even with Draymond Green contributing positively on the court, challenges persist for the Warriors. Green can’t reverse the effects of major surgeries on Klay Thompson, who has slowed down. He can’t recreate the version of Andrew Wiggins that played a pivotal role in the 2022 Finals, and he won’t fulfill the role of the true second star alongside Curry.

Green’s return also complicates the frontcourt dynamics. Jonathan Kuminga, despite showcasing improved performance, faces lineup decisions that prioritize Wiggins’ experience over his better play. Kuminga’s occasional complaints about playing time have created tension, and despite efforts to address the issue, Coach Kerr’s decisions persist. In a recent loss to the Bucks, Kerr benched Kuminga in the crucial final minutes, citing the need for improved decision-making and positioning, even though Kuminga had scored a team-high 28 points.

Kerr’s focus on refining Kuminga’s playing style reflects a desire for better team spacing and efficiency, emphasizing the need for the young forward to be more assertive around the rim rather than lingering on the perimeter.

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The Warriors face a challenge integrating Draymond Green back into a lineup with offensive limitations, especially in three-point shooting. Kerr has highlighted the on-court fit issues between Kuminga and Wiggins, and with Green’s return, it remains uncertain if any two of the three can thrive together.

To address this roster conundrum, Golden State is reportedly exploring the trade market. Wiggins, signed through 2026, is a potential trade asset, along with promising young players like Kuminga and Moses Moody. The front office is considering various directions, and while Pascal Siakam has been linked to the Warriors, securing a generational talent akin to Giannis Antetokounmpo remains elusive.

As the trade deadline approaches, the Warriors are in a race to contend and stabilize their position. Green’s return may provide a boost, but the team acknowledges that their challenges extend beyond his absence. The looming possibility of significant roster changes reflects the team’s determination to reinvent itself in the quest for competitiveness before time runs out.





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