Steve Kerr gives brutally honest statement after Pelicans loss

The Golden State Warriors are still proving how far they have to go before they can be considered a legitimate championship contender. The New Orleans Pelicans destroyed the Warriors on their home court on Wednesday night, setting a new low for the team. Head coach Steve Kerr was brutally honest in his post-game remarks, claiming his team lacks the confidence and energy necessary to be great.

Kerr’s perspective is frank and illuminating, highlighting a contributing factor to the Warriors’ dismal performance this season. Although intangibles like confidence and spirit are crucial, they are by no means Golden State’s sole problems. The Warriors are just not as talented as real competitors since they don’t produce as much as the best teams in the NBA.

Even though Steph Curry is still a superstar, this squad is much thinner outside of him because of his recent troubles. The Warriors’ once-dependable veterans are producing very little, and it makes sense that their young guys have experienced ups and downs when playing meaningful rotation minutes in the NBA for the first time.

The Warriors are currently in a terrible situation and require significant reform as a result of everything. It remains to be seen if that change comes from the inside or the outside, but this team has to take action to make things better.






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