Report: Warriors put “Everyone” on trade block, except Steph

The Golden State Warriors, once accustomed to a decade of victories, are now grappling with the harsh truth of decline. Despite the 2020 NBA season’s worst record and a playoff absence in 2021, the realization that their dynastic era under Stephen Curry is truly ending is becoming more palpable.

Yet, the Warriors are not passively acknowledging this shift. Instead, they are gearing up for a battle to reclaim their position in the Western Conference. Determined not to succumb easily, they aim to make a last stand, providing Stephen Curry with another opportunity to contend for a title.

As per Shams Charania from The Athletic, the Warriors seem willing to consider trades involving everyone except Stephen Curry as they seek to enhance the team’s future prospects. Charania mentioned, “The mindset in Golden State right now is everyone but Steph Curry is on the table… They’re going to be looking to make moves.”

Charania’s mentioned asterisk alludes to the hesitancy the Warriors might have about trading franchise stalwarts like Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Beyond their trade values being relatively modest, there could be emotional reservations, considering the deep connection these players have with the franchise, especially during a period marked by significant challenges.

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While the Warriors may desire to retain promising young talents like Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, Brandin Podziemski, and Trayce Jackson-Davis, they recognize the essential trade-off that acquiring talent often requires relinquishing some of their own. Balancing the retention of potential stars with the need for strategic trades is a challenging aspect of their roster considerations.

Reports suggest the Warriors are eyeing trades for players like Pascal Siakam or Dejounte Murray, possibly involving the mentioned young talents. Faced with challenging decisions, the Dubs must navigate the delicate balance between future potential and immediate success. The question looms: can they summon the determination needed to make whatever sacrifices are necessary for Stephen Curry’s final shot at a title?





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