Why Warriors should bench this former All-Star

The Golden State Warriors are indeed facing challenges, currently placed 12th in the Western Conference. Andrew Wiggins, a former All-Star forward, has seen a decline in performance, with career-low averages in points, assists, and rebounds. His shooting efficiency has also suffered, with percentages below his career averages. Additionally, his once-strong perimeter defense has notably deteriorated. The team will likely need to address these issues to improve their overall performance.

“When I talk to other teams more and more, I’m hearing that there’s an anticipation now that the Warriors will be open to trading Andrew Wiggins, because Wiggins and [Jonathan] Kuminga, when they’ve played together, the Warriors would be the first to tell you it hasn’t gone well,” he said.

The Warriors’ recent struggles, including a significant home loss to the Toronto Raptors, reflect a challenging period with a 2-5 record in the past seven games. With internal considerations around Andrew Wiggins’ contract, there’s a call for change, especially given the promising performances of 21-year-olds Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody. The organization faces a critical juncture, and decisions regarding player rotations may be crucial for revitalizing the team’s performance.

Jonathan Kuminga’s consistent double-digit scoring streak and impactful rim pressure highlight his contributions, while Moses Moody’s efficient performances underscore his potential. Concerns are raised about Steve Kerr’s decisions impacting player rotations. Comparatively, Wiggins is criticized as one of the least effective offensive players in the rotation, citing issues with finishing at the rim, playmaking, and confidence loss. Moody’s recent 21-point display contrasts sharply with Wiggins’ struggling performance, emphasizing the need for a reassessment of player roles within the team.

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Andrew Wiggins’ inconsistent scoring, coupled with a team-low plus/minus of minus-150 for the season, indicates a significant struggle in his on-court impact. The team’s performance notably improves when he is off the floor, highlighting concerns about his current level of play. The suggestion to reevaluate Wiggins’ minutes and allocate them to Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody reflects the desire for a shift in the team’s approach to maximize contributions from promising younger players.





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