Steve Kerr Admits He Must Give Jonathan Kuminga More Minutes

Coach Steve Kerr has acknowledged the necessity for a strategic shift in response to the Golden State Warriors’ recent defeat to the Denver Nuggets. Notably, Kerr highlighted the limited playtime of Jonathan Kuminga, expressing a desire to increase his minutes on the court. Recognizing the potential impact, Kerr emphasized the complexity of such decisions, taking into account the game’s dynamics and optimal player combinations.

Steve Kerr acknowledged the challenge of making playing time decisions, stating, “It’s not just as simple as how many minutes a guy plays. It’s who’s playing, what’s the combination, what’s happening in the game.” Rumors circulated about Jonathan Kuminga’s trust diminishing after being benched, but a meeting between Kuminga and Kerr addressed concerns.

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Kuminga emphasized the importance of communication within the team. In the next game against the Detroit Pistons, Kuminga played a season-high 36 minutes, contributing significantly. Kerr faces the delicate task of balancing individual aspirations with team success, recognizing Kuminga’s growth. Kuminga expressed commitment to the Warriors and trust in Kerr, emphasizing moving past misunderstandings for the team’s benefit.





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