Steve Kerr gets HONEST about Jordan Poole’s sudden departure from Warriors

Jordan Poole is poised to make his comeback to the Chase Center, marking his first return since the trade to the Washington Wizards. The former Golden State Warriors guard was traded following a reported altercation with Draymond Green, which seemingly disrupted the team’s locker room chemistry. When questioned by The Athletic’s Anthony Slater about his perspective on the Jordan Poole transfer, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr shared his thoughts.

I look back at that, and I hate that it happened. We could have done better for sure. I just hate the way it ended for Jordan here, because he is a huge success story. But I hate the way it ended.

The Warriors acknowledged that the Green-Poole incident played a role in their playoff exit last season, causing a growing distrust within the organization. In the absence of injured guard Klay Thompson during the 2021-22 season, Jordan Poole had a significant role, starting 51 games and averaging 18.5 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 4 assists. He played a crucial part in securing the Warriors’ third-place position in the Western Conference. Poole continued to contribute during the championship-winning playoff run, averaging 17 points per game off the bench.

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However, the altercation, particularly Draymond Green’s punch, altered the trajectory of the Warriors’ 2022-23 season. Despite initial expectations for a potential back-to-back championship, fans, analysts, and the team itself acknowledged that the incident had a detrimental impact on their season.

Jordan Poole’s performance with the Washington Wizards this season, averaging 17.2 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 3.6 assists, hasn’t translated into success for the team. The Wizards currently hold the third-worst record in the league at 5-22, with Poole’s game facing scrutiny from analysts.

Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors are experiencing a disappointing season with a 13-14 record, currently out of the playoff race in the competitive Western Conference. The absence of Draymond Green, who is indefinitely suspended for the third time this season, coupled with a decline in the performance of other veterans, has added to their challenges.

Steve Kerr expresses regret, believing that Poole could have contributed significantly to the Warriors’ competitiveness, and acknowledges the difficult circumstances that led to his departure.





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