Patrick Beverley Slams Warriors for Klay Thompson’s Contract Drama

This season, the Golden State Warriors face a significant challenge concerning Klay Thompson’s expiring contract, valued at $43 million. Thompson’s on-court performance post-injury has not matched his prior excellence, creating a dilemma for both parties. Despite this, his pivotal role in securing four NBA Championships for the Warriors warrants substantial compensation. Patrick Beverley strongly advocates for paying Thompson, emphasizing this viewpoint on the latest episode of the Pat Bev Pod.

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“Klay Thompson, why doesn’t he have an extension yet,” Beverley questioned. “It’s okay, it’s not for what you’re doing now, it’s for what you did up and coming to this point. That man brung championships to that organization. Like was on their way to get another one if he don’t f**k up his knee. They just won a championship two years ago! So many championships that we moving to another city.

Beverley urges the Warriors to prioritize the human aspect over business considerations, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the man who played a crucial role in shaping the franchise’s current success.

“It wasn’t a splash brother, it was splash brothers,” Beverley said. “I understand the business part of it, but sprinkle just a little human part in it. You own business. Workers working his or her ass off, and the time they’re there, they’re a big part of your business success. You get a ton of money, you take care of your person or do you let your person walk?”

Indeed, maintaining Steph Curry’s satisfaction is crucial for the Golden State Warriors. Investing in Klay Thompson’s contract appears to be a key factor in ensuring Curry’s contentment and overall team harmony.





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