Steve Kerr Fires Back At People Questioning Stephen Curry’s Leadership

Steve Kerr passionately defends Stephen Curry’s leadership, expressing his disapproval of critics questioning Curry’s character in the aftermath of Draymond Green’s recent suspension. Kerr emphasizes Curry’s qualities as a person and leader, labeling any criticism as “kind of sickening.”

The coach acknowledges the challenges modern athletes face in dealing with public scrutiny but stands firmly in support of Curry, highlighting him as one of the finest human beings he has been around.

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Steve Kerr defends Stephen Curry against criticism, arguing that questioning Curry’s leadership amid Draymond Green’s issues is unwarranted. Kerr points out the challenges professional athletes face, acknowledging the scrutiny they endure but expressing disbelief at targeting Curry’s leadership.

Despite the Warriors’ struggles this season, Kerr highlights Curry’s stellar performance, averaging 28.6 points, and emphasizes that Curry cannot be solely responsible for the team’s overall record. The coach pushes back against the notion that this season signals the end of the Warriors’ dynasty.





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