Draymond Green has concerning admission about Rudy Gobert choking incident

Draymond Green’s recent suspension for striking Jusuf Nurkic highlights a pattern of on-court incidents this season. His previous suspension for a chokehold on Rudy Gobert raises concerns about his behavior and its impact on the Golden State Warriors. The team now faces the challenge of managing Green’s contributions on the court while addressing the potential consequences of his actions. The ongoing scrutiny surrounding Green adds another layer of complexity to the Warriors’ efforts to navigate a challenging season.

Draymond Green’s admission that he wasn’t fully aware of the duration of the chokehold on Rudy Gobert and his recent claim that the incident with Jusuf Nurkic was unintentional raise concerns about his on-court behavior.

Green’s lack of awareness during these incidents and the force applied highlight potential risks and consequences for both himself and the Golden State Warriors. The team faces the challenge of addressing these issues, considering the impact on team dynamics and Green’s contributions. The ongoing pattern of such incidents requires careful management to maintain a positive team environment.

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Draymond Green’s acknowledgment of the impact on the Warriors when he’s not on the floor, along with his commitment to avoiding incidents, highlights the challenge of balancing his intensity with on-court behavior. Despite his understanding of the team’s dependence on him, the recent suspension, marking the fourth over the last two seasons, raises questions about his ability to consistently stay on the court. The Warriors face the ongoing task of managing Green’s passion for the game while mitigating the negative repercussions of his actions.





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