Arrest warrant issued for young fan who broke into Steph Curry’s home

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors is the subject of an arrest warrant for a fan who allegedly went to insane measures to obtain an autograph from him.

Sheng Gao, a Chinese exchange student, was charged with breaking into Curry’s house in October. The 18-year-old was supposed to appear in Redwood City misdemeanor court on Thursday, but he did not show up for his arraignment, according to Tim Fang of CBS News. The presiding judge issued an arrest warrant for Gao as a result of the no-show.

The prosecution said that on October 15, Gao took a bus to Curry and his family’s home in the affluent suburb of Atherton. Gao was rumored to be after the autograph of the Warriors star.

After Gao was able to speak with a woman, she indicated where the Curry family lived. Prosecutors said that he approached the gate at approximately 5:50 p.m., activated the intercom by pushing buttons, and entered as the gate was opened for him.

It is said that Gao entered through the unlocked front door. He was approached shortly after by a nanny who had seen him on security tape. After the conversation with the nanny, the adolescent intruder departed.

Curry and his spouse Ayesha were absent from the house at the time of the purported incident. Prosecutors, however, said that the three children of the couple were at home at the time.






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