Kawhi Leonard Reacts to Stopping Steph Curry on Final Possession

Steph Curry had an impressive first half against the LA Clippers, scoring 18 points on 6/8 shooting. However, his performance declined in the second half, contributing to the Warriors surrendering a 22-point lead. Despite Curry’s struggles, the team had a chance to secure the win. In the closing moments, after Paul George’s go-ahead three, Curry opted for an isolation play against Kawhi Leonard but passed to the corner for a Draymond Green three, which unfortunately missed, concluding the game.

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Kawhi Leonard commented on the final play, emphasizing his effort to defend against Steph Curry, acknowledging Curry’s shooting prowess. Russell Westbrook played a crucial role by helping off Draymond Green, disrupting Curry’s drive and prompting the pass to the corner. Westbrook’s quick recovery allowed him to contest Green’s potential game-winning shot, making a significant impact on the defensive end during that crucial possession.






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