Pascal Siakam could be the quick “Fix” for the Warriors

The Golden State Warriors faced a challenging November, enduring a six-game losing streak and struggling to secure consecutive wins. Key players like Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, and Chris Paul experienced a slow start to the season. On “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” an NBA analyst proposed a trade solution to revitalize the Warriors, suggesting a deal involving sending Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Pascal Siakam.

“Wiggins and Kuminga for Siakam, who says no? Wiggins, terrible season, really since last year when he disappeared for six, eight weeks. We still don’t know what happened…Kuminga, it’s year three for him. I should know by year three if you have a chance of being somebody. He clearly needs a new team,” Simmons said. “And then Siakam, take a flyer on him for the Warriors. Gives you a little more size, changes your team a little bit, gets you out of this Wiggins situation…I kind of like it…It’s just a trade that makes sense.”

Golden State has been cautious in deploying Jonathan Kuminga since acquiring him in the 2021 draft, gradually showcasing his potential as a promising NBA talent and a potential future key player for the team. Opting for a win-now strategy, the proposed trade for Pascal Siakam signals the Warriors’ commitment to maximizing their championship-winning core’s final years.

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With Siakam’s impending free agency in the summer and the front office’s openness to parting with Wiggins and Kuminga, the decision hinges on evaluating whether Siakam’s impact is worth the potential loss of two assets if he doesn’t stay beyond the current season.





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