Draymond Green called out by Steve Kerr after return from suspension

Draymond Green’s return from suspension against the Sacramento Kings was marred by frustration for Warriors coach Steve Kerr. Kerr expressed criticism for Green, citing his acquisition of a technical foul in the fourth quarter following disputes with referees. Green’s discontent stemmed from a non-called foul on one play, and he further escalated the situation when Stephen Curry was subsequently called for a foul.

While acknowledging that Draymond Green’s actions may not have been excessively egregious, Steve Kerr expressed disappointment in Green’s demonstrative behavior, especially at a crucial juncture in the game. Kerr emphasized the impact Green has on the team’s outcomes and stressed the need for him to manage his influential presence more effectively.

The Warriors coach noted that the momentum shifted in Sacramento’s favor after Green received the technical, contributing to the Kings’ comeback with a 26-16 run and ultimately overcoming a 24-point deficit to win.

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The Warriors have traditionally valued Draymond Green’s passion and emotion as integral to his effectiveness, but recently, Coach Kerr has been vocal about the need for Green to exercise better judgment in certain situations.

Green, although recognizing the impact of his reputation on officiating and disciplinary actions, appears displeased with the consequences. Managing this aspect is an ongoing challenge that he’ll need to navigate, acknowledging the realities of how his reputation influences perceptions on the court.





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