Warriors Aren’t Contenders Anymore According to Charles Barkley: ‘The Team Is Cooked’

Charles Barkley believes the Golden State Warriors are experiencing a decline, attributing it to the aging of their superstars. According to Barkley, the team is finding it challenging to rely on their usual go-to players in more uncertain situations.

Charles Barkley’s critical comments on NBA on TNT add to the challenges for the Golden State Warriors during what appears to be a tumultuous month for the team. The added scrutiny from an analyst’s disparaging remarks contributes to the overall difficult period the Warriors are currently facing.

Charles Barkley is highlighting the Warriors’ challenges, not just with Klay Thompson’s underperformance but also Draymond Green’s issues related to physical play. Barkley asserts that the team is “cooked,” expressing a belief that this state has persisted since last year. However, he acknowledges that the standout performance of their top point guard, likely referring to Stephen Curry, notably with a 50-point outing in the first-round Game 7 against the Sacramento Kings, helped them overcome difficulties.

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“As I told y’all, this team is cooked. They got away last year because Steph went crazy in game seven. Sacramento should’ve beat them.”

Charles Barkley

“Steph, he gon’ start slowing down too. They got a old team. Everybody slows down. He’s not gonna be able to continue to do that.”

Charles Barkley

“This team is cooked. They’re not a contender.”

Charles Barkley

“When you start getting hurt, and he’s been hurt the last couple of years, that’s when you know age starts taking over. When you’re young, you never get hurt.”

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley’s opinions about the Warriors are not personal but rather reflective of his assessment of the team. This perspective becomes particularly significant when considering the impact of injuries, which can become more career-threatening as athletes age.

Barkley’s commentary likely takes into account the challenges posed by injuries and their potential long-term effects on the performance of older athletes.





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