Draymond Green criticizes NBA for length of his choking suspension

Draymond Green expressed discontent with his recent suspension, contending that the NBA’s decision to impose a five-game suspension was unfair, citing the consideration of his previous offenses as a contributing factor. The league had pointed to Green’s status as a repeat offender as part of the rationale behind the length of the suspension.

Draymond Green is referencing his suspension during Game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals, a moment perceived as contributing to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ comeback from a 3-1 deficit. While acknowledging the impact of this incident, he conceded that he has no choice but to take it into account moving forward.

The NBA consistently considers previous discipline when imposing sanctions, a standard applied to all players, including Draymond Green. It’s not a new practice, making Green’s complaint seem unusual. The league’s perspective is that if a player, like Green, continues problematic behavior despite past punishments, stricter sanctions may be warranted.

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The fact that Green’s coach strongly condemned the actions leading to the suspension underscores the severity of the situation. If such condemnation doesn’t convey the message, it raises questions about what further measures could effectively address the issue.





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