Steph Curry Gets Honest About Warriors-Kings Rivalry

A short time back, Steph Curry didn’t view the Sacramento Kings as a rival. Honestly, deeming a team as such based on just one playoff series isn’t fair. Nevertheless, each matchup between the two teams is highly entertaining, a fact Curry acknowledges.

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Following the Warriors’ victory against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night, he was questioned about the upcoming game against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday. When asked about turning it into a rivalry series, Curry responded with a playful and clever remark.

“I’m gonna have to check with the committee that defines what rivalry actually means,” Curry joked. “I love the narrative around the back-and-forth we’ve played them so many times over the last couple of years. Whatever you call it, it’s fun basketball, it’s entertaining. You have to play well to beat them just because of what they do. Obviously, a seven-game series helps, but, we know what to expect when we go up there. It’s cool that there is an extra little emphasis on the In-Season Tournament outcome of this group, fitting that it is against them.”

According to Steph Curry, it’s quite fitting that the Sacramento Kings will decide whether the Golden State Warriors advance to the second round of the In-Season Tournament. It appears the basketball gods are orchestrating a rivalry between the Warriors and Kings, and this added twist will contribute an extra chapter to their story.






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