Stephen Curry’s Retro Sneakers Release in ‘Flooded’ Pack

Stephen Curry’s dominance extends beyond the basketball court, with his sneaker empire, Curry Brand, continually expanding. Recently, Curry Brand signed Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox as its first signature athlete and collaborated with former NBA player Brandon Jennings’ luxury brand TUFF CROWD.

As the holiday season approaches, Curry Brand and Under Armour are set to release the Curry 4 ‘Flooded’ pack, creating anticipation among athletes and fans alike.

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The ‘Flooded’ pack showcases an all-blue Curry 4 Retro and an all-red Curry 4 FloTro Low. Scheduled for release on November 17, the Retro model is associated with the 2017-18 NBA season, a notable period for the Golden State Warriors.

This model was worn by Stephen Curry during that historic season. On the other hand, the red Curry 4 FloTro Low incorporates updated technology. Both sneakers have already been debuted by Curry during this season, indicating a strong momentum for Curry Brand and Under Armour in the sneaker market.






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