This is what Steph Curry had to say about Officiating Oversight in Warriors vs. Nuggets

In Wednesday night’s matchup between the Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors, the officiating team overlooked a vital goaltending incident when Aaron Gordon blocked Steph Curry’s layup after it had unmistakably touched the glass. When questioned about the play post-game, Curry straightforwardly stated, “It’s definitely goaltending. They missed it. Keep playing.”

Curry’s consistent approach, seen throughout his career, involves refraining from blaming officials even in instances like this, where they unmistakably overlooked a crucial call. Despite the undeniable impact of the missed call on the game, Curry swiftly moved forward after that significant play. Although the loss is difficult to accept, particularly against a formidable team like the Nuggets, there were numerous positive aspects for the Warriors.

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Even without Draymond Green, Golden State pushed the defending champions to the limit, showcasing a genuine opportunity to secure victory. While Curry didn’t have his most efficient shooting night, his efforts, along with his teammates, positioned the Warriors for success, which unfortunately eluded them.

Facing the challenge of regrouping after this loss, the Warriors aim to bounce back in their upcoming game.





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