Klay Thompson Disagrees With Draymond Green’s Chemistry Statement

When Draymond Green harshly criticized the Warriors’ camaraderie from the previous season, it sent shockwaves across the NBA community Friday night. Klay Thompson objected passionately, despite Draymond’s harsh statements.

Following an exciting game in which the Warriors upset the Sacramento Kings, Klay Thompson responded to Green’s remarks by offering his own viewpoint.

Thompson remarked, “I think every year is great.” “You get to play defense and make baskets as a professional basketball player in the NBA? I don’t even give that much thought. Although I believe that this year’s chemistry is excellent, I always feel like a brag when I wear a Warriors uniform. No matter how long you play, the NBA is a place where dreams come true; it’s simply a dream come true. Chemistry-wise, I think this year is excellent, but previous year was also good. I always feel so good when you walk into an NBA facility to go to work. I believe that winning solves all problems, therefore I don’t think about chemistry too much.”

The Warriors were a team who advanced to the Western Conference Semifinals but lost in six games, despite having a lackluster team dynamic in the previous campaign. Last year, the Warriors were one win away from the Western Conference Finals. Klay’s remarks demonstrate why any NBA team would be lucky to have him. Even in the darkest of circumstances, he is an everlasting optimist who can see the good in everything.

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For the Golden State Warriors, the present is more important than the past. The Warriors are currently leading the Pacific Division and are prospering.





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