Draymond Green refuses multiple peace dinner with Jordan Poole

It was obvious that there was a breach in the Warriors team when Draymond Green hit Jordan Poole in the face. Nobody was entirely sure how awful it was, but it was obvious that something wasn’t right. Some of those specifics have since come to light.

The details of the punch’s aftermath were disclosed in a significant report by Logan Murdock of The Ringer that included interviews with Jordan Poole and Warriors officials. Murdock claims that Green, in an effort to diffuse the situation, genuinely declined to take Poole out to dinner.

“According to Warriors officials, head coach Steve Kerr made several attempts to convince Green to take Poole to dinner, to smooth over their relationship, but Green declined,” Murdock said. “Those around the situation now believe the lack of disciplinary action—other than an undisclosed fine—and the inability of anyone on the Warriors to repair the fractured relationship soured the team’s season.”

The young actor began to feel more and more alone as Green declined to mend his friendship with Poole. Poole’s mental state was so negatively impacted by it that he began making errors on the court as a result.

“Poole became isolated, left to balance his personal goals with the team’s, widening the chasm between the Warriors core and the young prospects tasked with prolonging the dynasty,” Murdock said. “Poole’s determination to prove he was worthy of carrying the torch led to on-court mistakes that left teammates and coaches befuddled.”

In hindsight, the entire Jordan Poole and Draymond Green romance is a very bad one. The Warriors went from being a champion squad with Jordan Poole to an utterly broken side that couldn’t win away from home. Hopefully Draymond Green will use this as a lesson in the future.





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