Jordan Poole Highlights Major Difference Between Warriors and Wizards

Jordan Poole won a championship with the Golden State Warriors, a level that the Washington Wizards appear to be very far from at the moment, but his new club does possess a quality that his previous team lacked. Since he had never previously played with a true lob threat, Poole voiced his eagerness to play with Daniel Gafford to reporters:

This is a significant distinction between the Warriors and Wizards because, while having a much superior overall team than Washington, Golden State lacks much in the way of athleticism. Neither of Golden State’s big men, Draymond Green and Kevon Looney, play much above the rim. Gary Payton II is the best athlete for Golden State, and while he can go get a lob, he frequently isn’t playing close enough to the hoop to receive one.

Poole, a capable player for his age who is still developing as a passer, will play a significant amount of minutes at lead guard this season. Poole should have lots of opportunities to grow into the player the Wizards know he can be this season since they are so happy to have him.

Poole is still extremely young and has accomplished a lot in his career. In order to advance this season, Poole has a few strong supporting cast members, including a lob threat in Gafford, who should complement his play quite nicely.





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