Steve Kerr reveals that Chris Paul changes Warriors’ offense

Since taking over as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors in 2014, Steve Kerr has made it a priority to employ a motion-based offense that may enhance the gravitas of star player Stephen Curry. However, Kerr is not a rigid individual. One of the best coaches of his generation, Kerr is not hesitant to switch up his offensive game strategy when necessary; the Warriors frequently used isolation plays when Kevin Durant was in town.

Now that Draymond Green is sidelined for several weeks due to injury and Chris Paul is in the mix, expect the Warriors to use a lot of the Point God’s trademark moves in their intricate offensive sets.

According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Kerr said, “We’re going to run plenty of pick-and-roll because Chris is one of the best pick-and-roll players in the world.”

This only serves to confirm Steve Kerr’s earlier claim that the Warriors will, in fact, accommodate Chris Paul’s skills by being adaptable with their style of play. The Warriors, however, are adamant that it won’t compromise their sense of identity as a team, so the majority of their offensive strategy will continue to center on low-post split actions and dribble handoffs exactly as they like it, with Paul himself adapting to the Warriors’ organizational style.

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He is also demonstrating a strong interest in adopting some of the things we already do, such as our split cut game and movement. Because he is such a clever player, he has already found out how to be successful. We’ll lean into him, and he’ll lean into us, and we’ll meet halfway, and the offensive will start,” Kerr continued.

Given their talent and shot-making ability, the Warriors’ offensive attack shouldn’t present too many difficulties. Chris Paul has always been a great defender, but his size and declining athleticism may wind up giving the club some problems. This is where the Warriors are most likely to have issues. But for the time being, the Warriors have plenty of time to decide how to approach the upcoming season with the intention of capturing a championship.





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