Stephen A. Smith is confident Warriors will win another ring with Chris Paul

Stephen A. Smith is sure that Chris Paul will help the Golden State Warriors win another NBA championship. This has a lot to do with Draymond Green’s feelings regarding Paul joining the team.

Smith Is Confident in The Roster And Chemistry

Shannon Sharpe draws attention to the early connection between Paul and Green. As the latter would claim, he detested him while he was on the opposition team before the team traded for the Phoenix Suns’ point guard.

Green’s tone, nevertheless, shifted to one of unity. He believes the Warriors to win another championship, but not for himself, but for Paul to win his first.

Smith, meanwhile, at first had his doubts. Paul, in his opinion, didn’t fit in with the group. His opinion was marginally altered by the workout footage, which showed the two of them getting along.

Chris Paul Is a Reserve?

The Warriors are suddenly facing a problem, though. With their starting five players, the squad already has a strong foundation, but the addition of Paul to the lineup complicates things.

Even Smith is unclear of where to place the 12-time All-Star due to his ability to play effectively with the starting five while also taking the reins of the bench when necessary.

It’s a challenging decision because the guard possesses the leadership skills to guide the younger and less seasoned players during a game. In the meanwhile, his contributions and strengths make him a starter for the club.

“CP3 is no reserve. He is a starter, an All-Star and a future Hall of Famer.”Stephen A. Smith said on First Take

How Can He Minimize His Injuries?

The co-host of First Take claims that cutting back on his minutes will lower the risk of injuries. He can accomplish this by serving as the team’s captain and using backup players like Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody.

If Paul plays wisely and realistically restricts his playing time, Sharpe is optimistic that he will remain healthy.

This does not, however, address the Warriors’ six-man starter issue. Who do you think Paul will appoint in their place? Will he even start in place of anyone else?





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