Golden State Warriors reveal why they didn’t sign Dwight Howard

The Golden State Warriors decided not to sign the veteran center before training camp, which put the matter on hold after it appeared like there was a lot of momentum behind him joining the team. Although the possibility of Howard joining the Warriors is still alive, Warriors president Mike Dunleavy has stated that no agreement will be reached before camp.

“I’d just say in general, we brought maybe 40 or 50 guys in this summer to get a further look at, knowing agents and people around the league knowing we’ve got two roster spots open, so there is a desire to come in, meet with us and play with our guys,” Dunleavy said. “And we’ve looked at a lot of different players. Some of them we’re bring into camp. But the [Howard] is just one of many that we brought in and evaluated, and you know, I think right now you’ll know more about who we’re inviting to camp in a couple of days. But overall, we feel good about what we’ve done this summer and we’ll keep our options open in terms of who we need to add.”

The Warriors will decide who makes their roster and who returns to free agency during training camp while keeping their options open.






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