Warriors have begun working on Klay Thompson’s extension

The last year of Klay Thompson’s $189.3 million deal is approaching. The seasoned guard has been gradually returning to his pre-injury level of output. Thompson hit 41.2% from beyond the arc last season, but he had a difficult time having a significant defensive impact.

On a recent episode of “The Lowe Post,” Ramona Shelburne of ESPN said that the Golden State Warriors had begun contract discussions. The agreement will probably be Thompson’s last significant one at age 33.

“My understanding is that they have opened contract extension talks with Klay Thompson,” Shelburne said. “There’s no hurry to these discussions. The optionality goes both ways. Not necessarily he’s trying to leave, but just the optionality that he didn’t have a great year last year. It behooves him to have a great year this year and he becomes more valuable if he does.”

Last year, Golden State faced a comparable predicament. Draymond Green’s contract was about to expire. However, the front staff didn’t reach an agreement on a $100 million extension until the summer. Waiting till the season is over makes sense for the Warriors. It gives both parties some extra leverage in negotiations because of recent production. Additionally, it enables everyone to concentrate on the current task.

Thompson might never again perform at his prior level. That does not exclude him from being a top-tier three-and-d wing, though. A hefty contract will be waiting for Thompson if he can enhance his perimeter defense and continue to make threes at a high rate. With the Warriors throughout the entirety of his career, Thompson. It’s unlikely that either party wants to see their relationship collapse.

There’s no reason to think Thompson and the Warriors won’t reach an agreement on a new contract; it might not happen right away.





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