Russell Westbrook gives Major praises to Kevon Looney

In a recent Rico Hines professional run, Russell Westbrook praised Kevon Looney, stating the Golden State Warriors big man has been in the game for a long time because he performs his job.

In a video shared on Twitter/X, Hines seemed to speak with Looney briefly following a game. Although Looney appears uncertain, Westbrook establishes the tone by praising his fellow UCLA Bruin.

“Listen up! He’s been in the league a long time for a reason. Not because he’s super athletic, all these crazy tricks. But he do his job, man. He do his job every night.”

Westbrook on Kevon Looney

Looney was selected by the Warriors in the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft. He went from being a third-string big who only played for a few minutes each night to being the regular starter. The 6-foot-9 center’s presence on the glass is crucial for the club, and he appears to thrive in that position.

In fact, Looney had three games where he pulled down more than 20 rebounds and added five or more of his own without tallying more than five points. Who else works for that company? Bill Russell and the famous Wilt Chamberlain!

Always the silent operator, Looney gave some advice to the young men in the private run.

“We go hard every day. I was going to say continue working on your game and find out what you’re great at. Everybody’s trying to add too much to the game. Just focus on one thing, hold on to that, and make a big difference… We have to really find a role playing, you can play a long time, make a lot of money. So focus on this stuff in summertime.”

Looney on finding a role

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Looney is now working on a $22.5 million, three-year contract. In 2025, he will be an unrestricted free agent, although because of his background as a role player, he is likely to receive a larger contract. If something doesn’t happen in the Bay Area, it will undoubtedly happen somewhere else.





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