Dwight Howard to Warriors situation gets “Cold Water” update

Purchase those Dwight Howard Golden State Warriors shirts later; hold off for now. Many basketball fans believed that Howard’s return to the NBA was a done deal after Shams Charania’s revelation last week that the Warriors intended to meet with Howard. Howard is an eight-time All-Star.

The Warriors disagree and believe Howard must still demonstrate his ability to succeed in the Association.

“I’m told that the Warriors are looking at this just as another workout, just another guy they’re bringing in to get a look at,” Kendra Andrews said. “That doesn’t mean he is a member of the team.”

Last season, Howard did not participate in the NBA. Instead, he took his skills to Taiwan, where he quickly rose to fame while suffering from ailments. His final season in the country was spent with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he started 27 of 60 games.

The three-time Defensive Player of the Year still shown worth coming off the bench later in his career despite being five seasons removed from being an NBA regular starter. The Warriors have already dabbled with seasoned big men, most notably with DeMarcus Cousins.

Each roster change for the Warriors is just as important as the next since they may be making their final attempt to win a title. Golden State wants to make it crystal clear that they believe a 37-year-old Dwight Howard can lead the team to yet another championship.

Although Howard can probably still play in the NBA, can he be a good option for a team that is in contention?





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