Dwight Howard Could Be Perfect Signing For Stephen Curry’s Warriors

This off-season, the Golden State Warriors are hoping to bolster their front court with depth and experience. Eight-time NBA All-Star Dwight Howard will meet with the Warriors the following week, according to Shams Charania. Here are three reasons why Howard would be the ideal choice for a squad like the Warriors.

With four blocks per game, the Warriors ranked 25th in the NBA the previous season. During his prime, Howard twice averaged over three blocks every game. For his career, he has averaged nearly two per game. The Warriors can benefit from some of the defensive excellence he has demonstrated as a three-time defensive player of the year.

The Warriors have won four championships in the past ten years thanks to their reputation as an offensive powerhouse. But in every title they’ve won, defense has been crucial and has given their offense a boost.

Howard also offers crucial rebounding. In his NBA career, he has won the rebounding championship five times. In terms of offensive rebounding, Golden State was rated 14th, and the former Magic star can help there. He had many seasons where he has four or more offensive rebounds, and his career average is three per game.

The Warriors will undoubtedly require all the assistance they can get in the front court. Last year, Kevon Looney was the team’s workhorse, but he can only contribute for so long before being worn out. Recently, the Warriors’ focus has been on trying to add big players to their roster by signing them. Usman Garuba, the former 23rd overall pick in the 2021 draft, was recently signed to a two-way contract. Despite this, Howard’s background and skills make him more instantly suited for the position.

Howard was able to assist the Los Angeles Lakers in winning the title in 2020. Because of his ability to play off the bench and not demand many minutes, he can accomplish the same with the Warriors. Although he is no longer the same player he was when he was at his best in Orlando, his record still speaks for itself.

Howard has continued to be active despite playing in Taiwan last season and not finding a home in the NBA. Fortunately for him, he might be able to get back into the league by joining a team like the Warriors that needs an interior presence. The former first-round choice, who is debatably a hall-of-famer, nevertheless finds a way to make an impression on a game occasionally.

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Draymond Green claims that the Warriors have two more titles to add to their dynasty. To accomplish so, they may be able to shift their course and possibly emerge as favorites in the tough Western Conference by signing a veteran center.






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