Klay Thompson Unveils His 9th Signature Sneaker

Klay Thompson has never been treated with the respect that he merits. The shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors has significantly contributed to the team’s legendary run but is yet oddly unappreciated, save for in Asia.

As part of the ANTA summer tour, Thompson and his teammate Kevon Looney have spent this week in the Philippines. Warriors supporters showed Thompson and Looney the respect they merited. Thompson introduced his ninth signature shoe to heighten fan excitement.

The two NBA stars received the red carpet treatment from ANTA, as you can see in the Instagram video up top. If seeing “Captain Klay” and connecting with fans wasn’t fantastic enough, many people were able to buy the recently released ANTA KT9.

The Chinese company offered Thompson a footwear contract in 2014, and in 2017, he agreed to a ten-year, $80 million contract extension. Unfortunately, the majority of Thompson’s North American followers have no idea where to start looking for his sneakers. Everything internet buyers need to know about quickly obtaining Thompson’s most recent sneakers is provided below.

The ANTA KT9 had its public debut on August 31. Of course, the brand’s website sells the shoes. However, our pals at KICKS CREW already have a sizable inventory of Thompson’s most recent signature sneakers in stock.

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Basketball enthusiasts in the United States can easily buy shoes from foreign companies thanks to the emerging sneaker platform, which has the largest reach in the footwear industry.

Before long, the new NBA season will arrive, and Thompson will be ready to put up even more impressive performances in his newest ANTA gear. To find out more about what your favorite athletes are wearing on and off the court, keep an eye on FanNationKicks.com.





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