Warriors’ Stephen Curry warns entire NBA ahead of 23-24 season

Last season’s loss to LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers certainly seemed to have jolted Stephen Curry into action.

Curry, a star for the Golden State Warriors, made an appearance this week on Gilbert Arenas’ program “Gil’s Arena.” Curry offered a warning for the rest of the Association when asked about the upcoming NBA season during the broadcast.

“We’re in that season again,” said Curry. “We’re the hunter, not the hunted … This year is the run.”

Despite being four-time NBA champions, Curry and the Warriors must approach the upcoming season with exactly that aggressive mentality.

Longtime teammates Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are not far behind Curry, who is now 35, at 33 each. Golden State, however, basically replaced 24-year-old Jordan Poole with 38-year-old Chris Paul this summer, making their current victory vital.

Curry and Green each have three more guaranteed seasons left with Golden State after signing new contracts in July. However, Thompson is approaching the conclusion of his deal, and the new NBA CBA will make it absurdly expensive to maintain a core of highly-paid players together for an extended period of time.

The Warriors are therefore working against the clock in a big way. Curry, though, who appears to be physically in peak condition, sounds like he is up to the task.





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