Trae Young shares exciting footage from Steph Curry workout

There are some similarities between the two top point guards, despite the fact that Trae Young and Steph Curry are very different athletes. Curry and Young are challenging to stop because they can put opposition defenders in untenable positions with their propensity to shoot from wherever on the field. Curry brought this ability to the NBA, and Young has since developed it further.

Young recently worked out with the legendary player for the Golden State Warriors, and they provided some unreleased video from their session that fans are anticipating:

In 2021, Young assisted the Atlanta Hawks in reaching the Eastern Conference Finals, but the franchise has not been able to repeat that level of success since. Young aspires to follow in the footsteps of Curry and the Warriors, who have consistently been in the running for the championship.

Curry and Young, as was already noted, are quite different players, but it’s fascinating to see the Hawks star picking up tips from probably the best point guard in NBA history. NBA stars develop during these offseason practices, especially when guys like Curry are ready to pass on their expertise to younger players.

Curry has long been one of the NBA’s top ambassadors, constantly investing in people who look up to him.






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