Andre Iguodala makes bold statement about Jordan Poole

Andre Iguodala recently attacked that notion on an edition of Gil’s Arena, despite Jordan Poole receiving a lot of the criticism for the Golden State Warriors’ difficulties last season.

“He was the only one that got to the line for us consistently,” Iguodala said of Poole. “People act like he had a bad year. I’m like, a bad year? Ya’ll blame him for the year we had last year? He averaged 20.”

Last season, Poole did lead the Warriors in free throw attempts made per game, averaging 5.1 attempts, only one more than Steph Curry made. Iguodala doesn’t think Poole should be held accountable for the Warriors’ poor season, despite the fact that Poole did have some difficulties last year.

Poole should have the chance to start fresh as a primary option and put last season behind him now that he is a member of the Washington Wizards. Poole’s shot selection appeared to be an issue at times last season, especially when he was paired with Curry, but this won’t be a problem for the Wizards.

People can argue over how much of last season was Poole’s fault, but his old colleague thinks he was unfairly criticized after a season in which he averaged 20.4 points per game. Poole had some strong moments despite not being as excellent as the year before; he will look to improve even more in Washington.






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