Adin Ross says he’s seen Speed’s meat “Thousands of times in real life”

Adin Ross, a buddy of IShowSpeed, responded to the latter’s recent embarrassing streaming accident. After being friends with Speed for so long, Ross asked the fans to stop inquiring about the incident because he could not be troubled by it much.

On his live stream, Adin Ross received a ton of comments from viewers inquiring about Speed’s most recent embarrassing incident. As he responded, the Kick streamer had a noticeably frustrated expression.

“Guys stop talking about Speed! I don’t give a f*ck, I have seen it a thousand times! I have known him for years, I have seen it in person a thousand times. I don’t care, I saw and I laugh and I smile. I don’t care bro!”

After accidently flashing his genitalia in front of thousands of viewers while live streaming, IShowSpeed earned news. The 18-year-old abruptly ended the broadcast and cried out in despair, “Oh my God, oh my God,” after realizing what had happened and seemed shell-shocked.

But after the incident, the feed was taken out of his channel. However, as a result of his conduct and the violation of YouTube policies, Speed can end up losing his streaming channel.

The rift between long-time friends IShowSpeed and Adin Ross

They had been close friends for a very long time. They have even met up to work together on numerous occasions. Fans had, however, conjectured that there was some underlying conflict between the two.

Ross said earlier this year that his manager had advised a close buddy to avoid the former due to the latter’s controversy.

He revealed, “There’s one motherf**ker, specifically, that I f**king love, to death, and I’d f**king die for that person, bro! And that motherf**ker got told by a manager or corporation. Some corporate p**sy, f**king White businessman f**king, ‘Don’t associate with Adin anymore. He’s off the walls.’ That’s all I’m going to say, bro.”

Fans think that the 22-year-old was referring to his close pal IShowSpeed when he spoke. Furthermore, Speed’s remarks about Adin appeared to have confirmed the rumors spread by the fans.

When asked about his relationship with Adin, the 18-year-old replied, “Bro I text that, bro. I texted that guy, but he didn’t text me back, bro. Don’t listen to that, he’s bullsh*tting bro. I can show you, I texted that guy, but he didn’t text me back.”

Nevertheless, Ross made the effort to repair their relationship by apologizing for not getting in touch with Speed earlier. He even assured the supporters that their affection for one another has not been lost.

The 18-year-old was even praised by Adin Ross as the “Greatest Streamer of All Time.” In addition, his recent response to the 18-year-old’s mishap has convinced the admirers of their friendship.






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