Steph Curry’s Incredible Honest Reaction to Playing With Chris Paul

Even Steph Curry himself never imagined that he and Chris Paul would end up playing together for the Golden State Warriors.

Curry gave a very frank interview to ESPN’s Jonathan Givony in which he discussed his views about working alongside Chris Paul.

Curry told ESPN, “It’s a great thing about basketball, you can’t construct these narratives. “To complete the circle, we’ve fought a lot throughout the years. It’s incredible that we have the chance to play together and, hopefully, triumph at the highest level considering that he is in Year 18 and I will be in Year 15. I’m really competitive, just like he is.

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Chris Paul and Stephen Curry have fought frequently over Curry’s career, but Paul still serves as a big brother to Curry.

Curry stated, “It’s the most unbelievable thing in the world because he was big brother, and he is big brother in the sense that he showed me the ropes when I was coming up as a rookie.” There is a lot of history as you compete for playoff positions, titles, and other things. I’m in my 15th year; he’s in his 18th. The fact that we can now do it collectively is just great. I’m going to have a good time.

When people think of Steph Curry and Chris Paul, they frequently conjure up animosity between the Warriors and Rockets or the Clippers. People often overlook the close bond these two shared during Curry’s rookie season and how much their lives have come full circle since then.





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