NBA Legend Claims Warriors will win 2024 NBA Championship

The Golden State Warriors appear to have been mostly written off for the upcoming NBA season (2023–24). Except for NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, many people.

When Shaq addressed the Bay Area crowd during his DJ set at the Outside Lands music festival, he lavished praise on their basketball team. He played Queen’s “We Are the Champions” while telling the crowd a story they would enjoy.

“This is a song y’all gonna be singing at the end of the year,” Shaq said as he performed.

It’s difficult to predict how well the Golden State Warriors will play next season. After a dismal season, the club will undoubtedly be extremely hungry, and several players are already attempting to organize mini-camps in group chats. It’s still difficult to forecast how Chris Paul will appear against the Golden State Warriors, though. Nobody is certain whether he will start, how he will fit in with the starters, or how he will feel about sitting on the bench. There will, without a doubt, be an adjustment period for this team.

The Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns will play each other on opening night of the upcoming NBA season in 2024. Even though it’s only the first game of the year, it will be an ideal matchup to gauge the Warriors’ position among the NBA’s most talented group.






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