Klay Thompson addresses Jordan Poole being traded

It seems that Klay Thompson is genuinely upset to see Jordan Poole depart the Golden State Warriors, in spite of speculations to the contrary. In the most recent Chris Paul trade, Poole was acquired by the Washington Wizards. Since departing San Francisco, there have been numerous debates over whether Poole had strained ties with some of the Golden State roster’s seasoned players.

In a recent episode on the podcast “Podcast P with Paul George,” which Wave Sports + Entertainment hosts, Thompson talked about Poole’s departure and emphasized how the young shooter was crucial to Golden State’s run to the 2022 title.

“It hurts to see Jordan go. He was homegrown. I saw him put the work in. I saw him go 2-for-15 in a game, but then he would be in the dungeon—which we call our practice facility, because there’s no windows—getting shots up right after the game. I’m like, ‘Man, this kid’s going to be special. And we wouldn’t have won the championship without him. He was so important to us when Steph went down. He’s definately got All-Star potential. I’m excited for him, Washington got a good one.”

When he became involved in a contentious altercation with Draymond Green last summer, where the veteran forward hit Poole during a training camp practice, Poole’s time with the Warriors abruptly came to an end.

Poole now has the chance to develop into a star for the Wizards, which is something he could never have hoped for when playing for Golden State. As a result, Poole’s old teammates might miss him, but the deal seems to have benefited all parties.






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