Warriors Legend Reveals Untold Steph Curry Story

Golden State Warriors veteran Andre Iguodala joined The Par 3 Podcast recently and offered an awesome Steph Curry anecdote.

“We used to play [golf] a lot,” Iguodala remarked of Curry’s excellent golf and basketball abilities. In Phoenix, we had a game… We joked around about bringing our clubs… We didn’t arrive in Phoenix until around 2:00 AM… we left the motel at 7:00 [AM] because we had a team meeting at noon. And [Steph] probably shot one or two over like nothing happened. And I’m dead, I’m picking up half the holes like… I’m just having fun out here.”

Iguodala understood it would be difficult to have a solid game on the basketball court after that experience on the golf course, but not for Curry.

“I’m like, I’m not going to have a good game tonight,” stated Iguodala. “I’m well aware that I’m not going to have a nice game… Steph went for around 40. And every time he scored, he would laugh at me. And he thinks to himself, ‘If they only knew what we did today.’ He’s not supposed to have that kind of game after a back-to-back, and we just played golf. But there’s something strange about that guy.”

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It was a great anecdote from Iguodala that highlighted how unique Steph Curry is.





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