Stephen Curry debuts NEW Curry 4 “Flotro” by Under Armour

Stephen Curry is a nonstop worker. Fans are always interested in what he does. He has been having a great offseason. He demonstrated his status as the Golden Boy by winning the ACC Golf Tournament. A documentary about the amazing three-point shooter was also published. He attended Drake and Usher’s gigs. He is currently playing basketball once more.

He has a major announcement this time.

Stephen Curry reaches another milestone with Under Armour

The Guard established his own Curry brand after purchasing an equity part in Under Armour, which has a $3.34 billion market valuation. As the Under Armour-supported Curry brand’s head of operations, he introduced basketball and golfing equipment as well as women’s and children’s clothing. He just dropped a brand-new shoe.

The Curry 4 Flotro Low is the name of this shoe. He first made these shoes available at the Curry Camp. Azzi Fudd of the UConn Huskies and Cooper Flagg of Monteverde both wore the sneakers for the first time at the camp.

These sneakers are from the FloTro line’s most recent iteration. Curry 4 Flo Tro was introduced by Under Armour in July of last year. A thrilled Curry can be seen flashing his new kicks with the people that attended his camp in a Slamkicks video. Curry 4 is the model for the Curry 4 Flo Tro, which many consider to be the best Curry shoe. In 2017, UA unveiled the Curry 4.

This is the most well-known shoe series that the scoring prodigy has worn, and he wore them during the 2017 NBA Finals. Wearing such expensive footwear and working out with the Golden State Warriors’ maestro must have made many days.

The Guard seemed happier than usual and kept building on his impressive résumé. This occurs only a few days after he was with him on vacation.

Stephen Curry was chillin’ out with Ayesha

Just a few days ago, Steph and his wife Ayesha Curry traveled to the Greek island of Hydra. Recently, the two have been more close than ever, and that continued throughout the trip. Ayesha Curry posted a number of images that showed their closeness and inspired envious feelings. Because the couple was commemorating their 12th wedding anniversary, this was a special event.

Stephen Curry’s Instagram message congratulating his spouse on their anniversary also went viral and received close to three million likes. Since the offseason began, the two have been circling one another.

With the release of Curry 4 FloTro Low, they will both have even more cause to rejoice.





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