Former Warriors Player Slams Chris Paul Trade

DeMarcus Cousins, a former big man for the Golden State Warriors, recently made an interview on SiriusXM NBA Radio to criticize the Chris Paul for Jordan Poole move, claiming it does not improve the club.

Cousins remarked, “I’m going to be honest. “I was confused by the Chris Paul trade. Then I considered whether perhaps this is merely a contractual issue. Perhaps they want to make room in the books for the upcoming season. To be honest, I don’t really see it boosting the Golden State Warriors in terms of basketball, the x’s and o’s on the floor.

Cousins responded, “[Paul] is up in age,” when asked why he feels that way. For an aged veteran, you got rid of a young, energetic guy. Nothing Chris Paul has done in his career is being devalued by me. Just at this point in his career, I’m speaking.

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He won’t improve the Golden State Warriors, in my opinion. Hey, I might be mistaken. He might depart this summer in search of the fountain of youth and then return to win MVP or Sixth Man of the Year, who knows? I don’t see it significantly lifting the Golden State Warriors, based on what I’ve seen in this stage of his career.

While acknowledging the contractual aspect, Cousins makes some valid comments because he doesn’t think Paul is the correct fit to the squad at this time.





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