Steph & Ayesha Curry celebrates 12-year Anniversary in “Exotic Location”

For more than 20 years, Ayesha and Stephen Curry have been the quintessential NBA couple. The Warriors superstar made the world extremely aware of the couple’s recent 12-year anniversary with his thank-you posts on Instagram. Curry shared a number of stunning images from their exotic vacation together, along with the most sincere message he could muster for Ayesha, to give a preview of their lovely summer outing. However, while the couple celebrated their relationship, the majority of followers couldn’t help but bring up Ayesha’s prior controversy.

For Steph and Ayesha, sharing memories of significant moments on social media is nothing new. Both people choose Instagram as their preferred social networking platform, and they both use it fairly frequently. The pair even utilized the app to celebrate their son Canon’s 5th birthday.

Stephen Curry’s message to Ayesha Curry upon completing 12 years of marriage

The NBA community has always regarded Ayesha and Stephen Curry as its sweethearts, and for good reason. Marriages as pure as theirs are rare in the world. Their social media behavior consistently shows how much they seem to adore each other without conditions.

Curry’s Instagram post for his wife was transcendental, even by the high standards they have established for themselves. Look at what he wrote in the relevant Instagram post.

“My Woman. I Love you more than you know. I’m thankful for every experience we have shared together. The highs, the lows, the ways life has brought us closer together through it all. God continues to bless us. You have brought me so much joy and happiness from day 1. Let’s keep going. More! I love you! #12@ayeshacurry”

Despite the sincere post, several followers still had harsh words for Ayesha Curry. User d4rth v4der made a contentious reference to the moment she expressed a desire for attention from other males.

“Your woman wants other men’s attention…Still the greatest shooter of all time” 

Using a similar tone, user ‘buffallobills155‘ said the following also:

“Bron’s wife would never disrespect him like yours”

The marriage has endured a great deal of criticism and noise throughout the years. It’s unlikely to alter anytime soon, given how close they are.

Steph is no stranger to appreciating his wife on social media

Stephen Curry doesn’t reserve his gratitude for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. He took his wife and children out on Mother’s Day to express his gratitude to Ayesha before posting images of her and their children. Here is his captioned message to her.

“RR+C Don’t know how lucky we all are to have Mommy holding us down. Always! We Love you to the moon and back. Thank you for the unconditional love you pour into our babies”

The Warriors star has the kind of family that most people can only hope for, and he appears to be aware of it. The superstar therefore makes the most of every chance to express their gratitude in both public and private.





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