Steph Curry Gets Honest About ‘Egos’ Going Into Warriors Season

Personal egos can be exploited by NBA players as internal fuel, but they can also have a negative effect on the dynamics of the team. Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry recently delivered the ideal response on egos going into the new season when touching on the balance between players giving their whole selves to the table while also making sacrifices for the team.

Curry added, “You have to bring your egos, your whole self to the table, but you also have to know when to sacrifice for the good of the group. “For us, that is the key question. How can we declare that we have no other goals but to win? We want to make the most of the wonderful years we still have.

We are aware that there are seven players who could claim they should start and seven players who could argue they should finish games. Do the arithmetic; two persons are going to be unaccounted for.

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Curry is aware that a player’s whole identity may include a personal ego. This ego may help a player perform at their best personally, but it may also get in the way. Curry wants his teammates to be themselves, but he also wants them to know when to make a sacrifice for the good of the team. For championship teams, it’s essential to accomplish this, even though it’s not simple.





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