Special moment between Steph and Kevin Durant goes viral

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant have a distinctive past together. Although they were probably the greatest team in NBA history, they parted ways in 2019 when Durant joined Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets.

Many believed at the time that Durant’s decision to relocate to Brooklyn was motivated by the lack of respect he was receiving in Golden State. Durant has never said that, although he did acknowledge feeling strange when Golden State won the 2022 NBA Championship because he knew it would be made about him.

Although this dynamic has been around for some time, it hasn’t affected Curry and Durant’s friendship. Curry and another player are seen having a memorable moment together after Curry broke the all-time record most three-pointers made in New York in a recent viral clip from the “Underrated” documentary:

No matter how their time together ended or what has happened subsequently, Durant and Curry will always be connected by their shared success as a team. The two superstars were an unstoppable team who ruled the league during their tenure together, going 16-1 in the 2017 playoffs.

As fans share this never-before-seen video on social media, they are recognizing a historic moment between two of the best players ever.






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