Former Warriors star reveals Draymond tried to Punch him aswell

The Golden State Warriors were an unbeatable force in 2018. The Warriors rolled to consecutive championships after going 16-1 in the 2017 playoffs, sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

Golden State felt they could handle Cleveland with ease, and their approach frequently reflected that knowledge, despite the Houston Rockets testing them in the Western Conference Finals that year. Social media users have been sharing a video of the squad having fun before their Finals championship game, in which Draymond Green is shown mockingly hitting at Nick Young.

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Young was tagged in the video and asked for his opinion because there has been so much talk about Green hitting Jordan Poole in recent days. Young responded with a fantastic jab about Green throwing “that same punch” on him:

Naturally, Green’s swing on Young was frivolous in contrast to the time when he struck Poole. The incident has recently resurfaced as a hot topic after Green spoke about it on a podcast episode hosted by Patrick Beverley, adding, “I don’t simply hit people. Dialog naturally develops over time, and you aren’t typically provoked by something that quickly or to that extent. This is a team, and nobody on my team can instantly set me off. We are aware of information that guys do not discuss. We are aware of some facts that you must rely on.





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