50 Cent calls NLE Choppa “Crazy” after Ymw Melly rap lyrics

Recently, 50 Cent took to Instagram to give his thoughts on some of NLE Choppa’s rhymes. On the Me vs. Me song “Shotta Flow 6,” NLE choppa raps, “When I feel threatened, I turn into Melly.” Fif comments, “Yo these little [ninja emoji’s] cr*zy,” , “LOL WTF!” Two of Melly’s pals, YNW Juvy and YNW SakChaser, were allegedly murdered in 2018. Since June, he has been on trial for the alleged crimes.

YNW Melly’s double murder trial was said to have entered the jury’s deliberation phase today. The two men, according to Melly’s defense, were the victims of a drive-by shooting, but other evidence seems to indicate otherwise. The jury will now determine YNW Melly’s fate. The 24-year-old could receive the death penalty if found guilty of the offenses. The trial for YNW Bortlen, a friend of YNW Melly’s who allegedly transported the two men to the hospital the night of the shooting, will also start in October.

NLE Choppa Says He “[Turns] Into Melly” When He Feels Threatened

In contrast, 50 Cent recently discussed Nas in an interview with XXL. He said that when he first met him, he realized that he was far smarter than what he had assumed based on his songs. “[Nas] was ahead of us,” 50 Cent said. I was thinking, “You gotta be careful,” as I observed what he had because he was more intelligent than the music he was making. He was more intelligent than what he was recording. “We’d be on the tour bus,” Fif continued, “and he’d be reading books and stuff.” Tomorrow, July 21, is the day that Nas’ newest album, Magic 2, will be released.

On the song “Office Hours” from the new album, 50 Cent makes a cameo. Earlier this week, he posted the news on Instagram. He wrote, “[Nas] felt like it was time, so it’s done.”







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