Draymond Green’s Social Media Feud with Jordan Poole’s Father Sparks Controversy

Warriors power forward Draymond Green recently got into a social media argument with Jordan Poole’s father, Anthony Poole, over last year’s iconic punching incident, which is the most recent development in the ongoing controversy.

Green, who recently agreed to a four-year, $100 million contract extension with the Warriors, spoke about the altercation on NBA player Patrick Beverley’s podcast. Green said in the interview, “I don’t just beat people. I don’t just mention things that happened before the punch.

Conversations develop over time. You weren’t just suddenly triggered to that degree by whatever. This is a team, and nobody on my team can instantly set me off. We are aware of information that guys do not discuss. We are aware of evidence you must rely on.

Jordan Poole’s father, Anthony Poole, took issue with Green’s remarks and responded on Twitter, starting a contentious argument between the two.

Poole’s dad referred to Green as “soft” and said he never expressed regret to either him or Poole’s wife.

Anthony Poole’s reaction was described as “cute” by Green in a dismissive tweet in which he also denied avoiding Anthony Poole all season.

The animosity surrounding Green and Poole’s altercation from the previous season appears to have contributed to the Warriors’ difficulties throughout the season, which ultimately resulted in Poole being traded to the Washington Wizards for Chris Paul.

Many people think that Green’s punch after the trade set an unfavorable tone for the remainder of the season, which resulted in the Warriors losing in the Western Conference playoffs.

Since then, the Warriors have admitted that they were not a cohesive team during the season.

In his post-season farewell interview, head coach Steve Kerr candidly acknowledged that the squad had lost faith in one another.

According to the same Bleacher Report piece, he emphasized the significance of recovering that trust in order to return to the effective formula that had previously led the Warriors to championship triumph.

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Public interest in the team’s internal problems that led to Poole’s move has been rekindled as a result of Green’s social media altercation with Poole’s father.

The Warriors’ admission of their mistakes, despite the lack of specifics surrounding the altercation, emphasizes the necessity for the group to move past the incident and concentrate on reestablishing trust and harmony going forward.





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