Chris Paul’s Desired Role on Warriors Revealed

Chris Paul, a seasoned point guard who recently joined the Golden State Warriors, appeared to argue against the notion that he will be assured a bench duty for the upcoming season. Sam Amick of The Athletic recently reported that Paul does definitely desire a starting position with Golden State.

Amick said of Paul, “It’s safe to presume that he knew exactly what he was doing when he pushed back against the idea that he would come off the bench for the Warriors this season during his first news conference in Vegas on Sunday. Whatever happens, it’s obvious that Paul is still hoping that there will be a way for him to start.

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Paul has never started a game in the NBA, so it seems logical that he would want to move up to the starting lineup. However, the Warriors would have a hard time making the fit work. Although Steph Curry can play off the ball and already does so quite a bit, a defensive three consisting of him, Klay Thompson, and Paul may be challenging to manage.

At the end of the day, this is basketball, and the Warriors will figure it out, Paul remarked during his media appearance.





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