Jonathan Kuminga gets honest about Warriors trading for Chris Paul

Jonathan Kuminga, a forward with the Golden State Warriors, was questioned about the Chris Paul deal in an exclusive interview with Inside The Warriors.

“I was surprised,” Kuminga said. “Watching CP growing up, the way he plays a different type of basketball than the Warriors. Me being on the Warriors for the for the past two years now, we play a different type of basketball playing at a fast pace. We move off the ball a lot. I’m just looking forward to seeing how it’s gonna work, and I feel like CP is a smart player. He has a lot of experience, and I feel like he’s gonna bring so much that we didn’t have on the team, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Kuminga brought up an intriguing observation, as Paul does not normally play in the Warriors’ style of basketball. Paul doesn’t run as much now and doesn’t push the tempo like Golden State does, but it might have been a factor in the team’s decision to sign him.

The way Paul and Jordan Poole handle the basketball is one of their major distinctions. Poole was prone to turnovers despite his ability to sprint, which Paul will help the Warriors with. Though intriguing, the fit has potential to be successful.






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